I feel the flow of chain,

on ropy vein,

when muscles strain,

and everything I do; is it in vain?

I trust the light of day,

in ways that may,

lead me from astray,

is this my life; am I okay?

and she calls to me,

the splinter sea,

then guides me to my destiny,

I seldom have to look to see,

what sets apart,

the world of art,

what flies alike a dart,

and pierces through the wounded heart,

she flies by night in throes,

and carries those,

who never chose,

frees them from their woes,

what pain is this?

how could I miss?

a lily and a kiss,


what eyes you have,

and lips like salve,

a sacrificial calve,

could be another halve,

if err the day,

should run away,

I’m sure that you would say,

just stay,

and if she carried me,

you see,

deep into this jeopardy,

if she took my life for free,

anon was like a debt,

so silly as I fret,

my toes are getting wet,

in this salty jet,

so give me life endowed,

yes, I live aloud,

within my heart a crowd,

and am I not allowed?

to live insane,

to rend my brain,

a lame without a cane,

a wanderer like Cain,

and rest in peace,

a bested beast,

and at the least,

as far as here from greece,

your quandary,

is like a bee,

who’s sting will never be,

or death will swallow thee.


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