Mist Defy

Catches me while wandering- a bullet from the blue, 

smiles at me and calls my name reminding me of you,

saturates me with it’s voice,

a siren with no choice,

and calls aloud beyond the shroud,

a cricket strumming loud,

and lofty things like truth and reason,

speak to me of filth and treason,

it calms with hush during the dusk,

like scents of lavender and musk,

and guards the night from devil’s gaze,

and fogs ill minds with purple haze,

it leads the silence to the lamb,

it prays for peace and gives a damn,

when eery spooks without a light,

brings the cool unto the night,

hears the thoughts, through lull and whisper,

stirs the hearts, of jade and jasper,

whimsical in motion though,

never loses it’s control,

softest fingers, silken tendrils,

breathing suede into their nostrils,

knowledge from the hand escapes,

bleeds the mind of bumps and scrapes,

letting go to helios,

recede from day alike a ghost,

now to start this life anew,

mist will bathe you and renew.


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