I see your shadows drifting,

listlessly, forming blanks within statements you’ve made,

they find me calling to beckon you, waiting,

and all is worn within the spectre of your shade,

There’s me like sunshine in the corners of your eyes,

a thousand senses overwhelming the weight of your pride,

but there they are again, shades of grey and naysayers like flies,

though I beg and plead, you fail to egress, and hide,

Some day you’ll see and feel the heat of my love,

one way to break solemn and bleed freedom from a smile,

candy wrappers, sugar coated, fall like confetti from above,

and I’ll remind you that I always was; will be with you in the while,

Be like peas in a pod, till your worries are all shod,

same as children, playing in the sandbox,

regressing to innocence, where color and age are not God,

tasting angels like sashimi and lox.


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