The Party

I was tired; therefore I sought rest,

slumbered on the moon, but there found loneliness,

sought out some friends, among them found the loneliest,

was a girl and her friend in the polk-a-dotted dress,

and we danced and we laughed and merry made we three,

then we stood on the curb casting stones into the street,

as I looked upon her face I could see the cost of free,

there were bags and a darkness that my pupils couldn’t meet,

as we sat by the road, she’d forgotten about me,

and she talked about a time when she met a man so kind,

her words were like a farce,

as a photo for the blind,

and she never even knew she was speaking from her arse,

so I called her a cab, cause I was that kind of guy,

and I sat there alone as the feel in me grew wan,

no I didn’t choke them back when the tears began to cry,

it  was just another night with it’s revelry all gone.


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