You’re skin is not pale,

but those skins of others pale in comparison,

your azure eyes, your silver points of grey,

vermillion on your lips,

beckons me; prays me to stay,

obsidian… your hair is a swath of dreamscapes,

you fall on the air and the air subsides in such a gentlemanly manner,

it’s pushed aside where you reside,

and there you are, where you were before,

you look at me and I’m just a bore, a boar,

those dilated tenors pierce me, they punch they bore,

as you walk through me,

you question my existence,

I wonder if I am.

but you smile, I laugh a mile,

I reconcile,

myself with who I was,

and they are not the same,

but might I approach,

and may I preach,

the wonders of your lavishness,

the breadth of your incedence,

because I didn’t make you and you were plenty without me,

so… what do I have to add to this,

-perfection; it lacks me

-things of beauty; well they betray and I hear you as you say nay,

-my strength of arms is but miniscule,

-confession; I am nude without you to wear,

-dedication; it becomes me and this is all I have,

but words are only words and they will find themselves lost.

to woo, to press, to capture

and thus to enrapture,

and captivate,

the day is late,

the eve is bearing down,

and I want you,

and I want to need you,

but you could say no,

but I will never know,

unless I ask.




How does heavy build itself so completely from nothing but lost emotions?

I thought I could brush this aside, I thought I could drink it away…

and now it’s wearing me, the way Jim Carrey wore the monopoly guy in nature calls.

No longer do I have emotions, rather they have me,

they heave me up and up I heave,

stomach turnt, skin burnt, lesson never learnt,

you are a cavalcade of mistakes, constantly weighing me down

like a two ton Rolex, marking every moment;

wrist on the ground, rest on the ground;

sky spinning, stars lurching,

How to stand again?


le feu

Incandescent love ,

fueled by heart felt ruminations,

sanguine memoirs of truth bearing arteries,

light chasing shadows about a dimly lit room,

probably a tent; warmth owed to the summer dusk,

silly moths flirting and flitting about the flame,

their patrons true contemporaries snuggled in their downy sleeping bag,

mildly dusty vanilla fragrance presses the senses,

pools of cooling wax heating oak; light reflecting as it dances just above,

flames licking the night, barely visible within their opaque resin confines,

drifting lazily into the twilight, soft smoke twirling as it wafts,

holds true like an eternal guardian of the air,

never quite burning down, ever mystifying it’s captors,

lucent plaything of bygone readers and ambiance of countless lovers,

seal of the evening and gentler than any breath,

plume, illuminating loom.


That feels like doom in my chest,

like a bullet through a vest,

an earth shattering sound,

armor piercing round,


breath comes in gasps,

why does sanity lapse?

decisions that were made,

without fear unafraid,


fool’s errand in the street,

walking barefoot on that heat,

shards of broken glass,

lacerations while I pass.


Like desert sands, time is changing me,

with folded hands, I sigh and breathe deep,

warm air with jasmine highlights ebbs past in gentle waves,

each pouring over me like a tidal bouquet,

rolling and tumbling like a down comforter in a dryer,

nobody puts a down comforter in a dryer…

that’s like wearing pajamas to the beach,

I’d pay myself to do that,

just to be amused for a moment,

steady smirk below my nose,

always shows my red and yellow intentions,

I breathe out just as well, but slower,

trance like tendrils of relaxation cover me like wind blown sand,

desert crystals like snowflakes cutting through the sky,

and everything has changed by then, grain by grain,

the future, not remembering names…

wakes up with every moment, brings us that immersion

and flow ; with all the dangers of a Tsunami,

covers us and holds us close,

like a gentle giant or armored sentry.


What can I do to change you?

mold you in my image?

I think not…

why are your lips pressed like that?

what did I do to leave you so bitter?

where was I when I did that?

how is it that I don’t recall?

I have to admit, I’m not exhilarated by the inerrancy

of your perfect recall.

what is forgiveness, if you’ll only remind me again.

and again, we’ll relive this infamous moment.

how exciting it is to know I’ll continually

experience this torment with you,

how utterly joyous it shall be.

well I forgive you, and do you know what else?

I forgive me!

and I’m releasing myself from your taloned clutch,

I may well bleed but I refuse to die in this morbid darkness.

that carcass is yours and if you want to dig it up,

go right ahead, but don’t bring it to my door.

I don’t like the smell.