Ally Cat

If you never see me again,

you will know who I am,

place my hands on the scars,

as it’s written in the stars,

in the cool of the night,

I’m vampiric in the bite,

and the pull on the reins,

as I’m coursing thru your veins,

and a promise never spoken,

to a heart that’s ever broken,

in a dull throbbing pulse,

to my heart I hold you close,

of the breath on your skin,

as I taste it once again,

is it salt- is it brine,

deep within your eyes that shine?

is there healing in the pain,

herding dendrites in my brain?

will your soft tender words,

separate the whey and curds?

is this love just a game,

something fickle something lame?

when we stand will we walk,

hand in hand or lined in chalk?

when I bleed- intercede,

I know that you’re the one I need.


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