Once upon a time… If only this were a fairy tale that would end when the story is told. I was married at the time and the gay bar was monastic for me. I didn’t have to worry about the pressures of dealing with women, because they were either disinterested by disposition or they assumed I wasn’t marketable. I didn’t worry about men much, because I’m pretty good at putting out the don’t mess with me vibe. I was still uncomfortable, because I was raised in fundamentalist churches. One reason for my discomfort is that I’ve had a few mildly unpleasant experiences with gay friends in my past. So, I’m standing at the bar, a reclusive imposter. As I stand there, I’m eaves dropping on a conversation between a gay and a lesbian. They were talking about the preponderance of straight people in this club, and how unfair it was that straight people even come there when we’ve done so much to shun them in traditional venues. They wished that we weren’t comingled in this colorful place. I was deeply hurt, but being the inward looking freak that I am, I reflected upon the moment. Empathy took over and I imagined the countless hurts this man and this woman must have endured in the teeth of people who share my predilection. Now that’s a sad story, because I’ve been offended by this type of reverse bigotry less than a handful of times. You can rest assured these two lovely humans were verbally brutalized countless times throughout their developmental stages, maybe even beaten. They were not allowed to be themselves. If you don’t believe in God please don’t think I’m trying to convert you with my following discourse, try to think of it as a history lesson. I understand that if you’re christian, you might believe that practicing homosexuality is a sin. I’m here to tell you that regardless of my viewpoint on the matter, no sin is greater than another. There are sins you are committing, which you are unaware of. These are called sins of omission, and apparently you can go to hell for them. In the Torah, there were actually ritual sacrifices designated for these unknown sins. The definition of sin is to miss the mark, and God because of his virginal nature, cannot coexist with sin. It has to be separated from us before we can commune with Him. Jesus said that if a man looks upon a woman to lust for her, then he has already committed adultery with her in his heart. The implications of this statement are both astounding and crippling if you’re a legalistic individual. In other words if you’re a man you are literally mind #@$!&%. Let me just get to the point, because I could write a book on this. Stop judging homosexuals, stop judging other people… They are not your problem. Your problem is you, and that Jesus guy you’re so fond of, he wants to help you get the pole out of your own eye. Let Him work on the issues other people have. You can’t fix homosexuals, you can’t fix crack heads and your lucky enough to be playing a supporting role in the remediation of your own soul. Even if you’re convinced that gays will burn forever, you need to understand that your religion (your nation under God) is not in it’s proper place when it tries to mold the world into God’s image. Jesus didn’t take hearts by force, ever. He wasn’t ever dictating correction to people who didn’t believe in Him. He won the hearts of the people through love. He fed them, He healed them, He washed their feet; He told them He loved them and poured out His life a living sacrifice.


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