Once upon a time in California… Some wannabe Johnny Appleseed planted a buttload of eucalyptus. They’re beautiful, but they’re not indigenous. He thought “These trees are awesome, they grow fast and they’ll make excellent lumber.”

They grew fast as heck, but they’re practically useless for lumber because the wood tends to shred and splinter almost effortlessly. Oak and pine are far better materials. Oak and pine grow naturally here.

Eucalyptus has another detrimental attribute. It’s sap falls from the canopy and poisons the ground so that nearly every other plant cannot take root there. It basically strangles out the competition. Eucalyptus has alkaloid compounds that are toxic to pretty much every creature known to man; except for koalas, but I don’t see any fking koalas around here so… screw you eucalyptus. It should be called screucalyptus IMO.

Sometimes in life you’ll find that you’ve become much like a eucalyptus, poisoning the ground around. Unlike these trees, we’ve been given a wonderful power. We can change, we can stop being toxic and we can even water the plants around us. We could even foster paradise if we wanted to. Be a fern, a strawberry, or a pumpkin; but most of all: be your best yew 😉


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