Verdant obsidian troughs crowned with foam and tumbling,

they crash down like the mighty minotaur,

pressed me hard into the sand bar,

shocked my heart with roiling chills,

emerald and dark turquoise bands are your currents,

pressing the season forward,

undulating tides bring cool air to the west,

you are the one true superpower,

you are the limits of the earth,

the majestic never pacified,

like mountains in the distance,

blunted by the fuzzy mist,

islands hold the horizon,

like some formidable titans holding the earth in place,

keeping the abyss at bay,

I wonder who walks there,

whether stones skip differently when cast from your foreign shore,

now that ball of fire in the sky,

warps the air and makes me dry,

glinting from a thousand shards,

squinting hard I cup my eye,

the air is soft it’s musk is grey,

it makes the sand to dance and play,

she whips a grain into my eye,

a bit it stings but I don’t cry,

the pier is rotted and swarthy,

great timbers stretch the planks,

like an ersatz bridge,

it leads to nowhere,

but we walk that distance don’t we?

and we all want to jump,

well maybe just me…

I want to fall into the sea,

I wish it’s waves would carry me,

like a lovers message from some hidden cove,

or a coconut, or a mangrove,

take me and lead me across the expanse,

deposit me in paradise,

If I can float I can fly.


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