There are certain things that have a stale taste now,

without you daydreams are pallid and bland,

I can only see the wilts in a rose,

the stars fail to shimmer,

and even orange seems a dull color.

but I know that one day diamonds will regain their luster, nacre will resume it’s glow and sunset…

well that’s a different thing entirely, now isn’t it?

dusk is a horse of a different color,

even without hope your strident pinks and purples give meaning to the darkness that ensues,

you are the joyous cacophony of daylight that is seldom considered as I toil,

the forgotten steward of the morning star,

and the shepherd of my soul,

oh day cleanser don’t forget my name tonight,

will I see you again tomorrow?

okay, your words are good with me,

I will tarry, just a little while and then I’ll wait for you,

forgive me if I slumber much,

my dreams will seek you too.


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