Sad End

How do you give your heart when it’s broken?

would I ask you to mend me?

are you even capable of such a task?

nobody can absorb this much energy…

the Hulk would prefer gamma,

he’d wither to a Husk in my presence,

would I share with you my lacrimations?

would you really swim in the depth of my loss?

“or not to be?” His query,

and you have to ask yourself whether his disdain was justified.

am I alone?

is this a band with no instruments?

have I played my last tone deaf melody?

there is no choir in the distance,

no harmonic convergence,

I am but the dilapidated shore of a sea that was dead and now dying,

salton pillars expel themselves from my flesh,

they coalesce from drunken memories in the cytoplasm.

and hope, oh dear hope,

have you left me alone to wallow in my self absorbed decadence?

If you would be so kind as to hum a little tune for me,

something spry,

a copse of burgeoning joy,

make your mind and come or go,

but don’t leave me with broken promises,

speak aloud or hold your peace,

or leave that sordid little trinket with me.


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