I am that which you cannot possess,

cannot be given,

cannot be taken,

if you hold me close; you must know that I may go,

I am a comet, an intrepid explorer,

you are not my boundary,

you are not my keeper,

if that’s what you’re offering, save it for the birds,

ils ont des leur cages,

ma couer.. se ne pas votre chose,

let me be, let me go,

why do you draw tears from me,

did I not show you tenderness?

what a fool was I to expose my soft places,

careless and foolhardy indeed.

If God knew my name; he wouldn’t speak it out loud,

He would fear giving me alert,

as he stalked me in the wood,

I would be as the doe,

a bolt of light thrashing the meadow,

but He’s better than that and you are not even a demigod,

nor a pedagog… I’ve nothing more to learn from you.


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