Memories like water droplets percolate through my grey matter,

Mind hasn’t seen fit to add a filter,

So I see it all… not quite the same as when they occurred,

Filtered nonetheless through experience; perceptions of those events have shifted throughout the years,

Maybe I’ve learned to be honest with myself; I think that lets me be honest with others,

Now I’m sad and embarrassed where once I was angry and felt justified,

I’ll make apologies although I’d seen fit to make mere excuses,

Like taking a mop to puddles of piss in a hallway; I wonder how I could mindfully leave a mess like that in life’s pathway,

As though none other would ever slip down that corridor,

If I make amends and forgive on occasion… try not to hold my bluntness against me; you may credit me as one who will revisit ever more these blunders.


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