Tread on me

I could have sworn that you’d decided I wasn’t good enough,

It seemed clear that none of my qualities could adequately mask my detriments,

But here we are and nothing’s changed and we’re still the same in so many ways,

So I have to ask myself what is that defining characteristic of our demarcation,

You quietly prey upon my tenderness,

Knowing that my heart strings are wrought from the finest silk,

And who’s marionette am I really,

Well I could barely control myself and you have nothing to offer but void,

So, if you would kindly pry yourself from me for just an eon,

I’d like to find my self, unadulterated and shorn,

If normal has a place with me, it hasn’t settled yet,

You’ve done your best to smother me, you and your ilk,

Just let me be,

Please give me rest,

Speak not my name,

You don’t know me and you’re not my friend,

If footsteps patter near; I tread not,

If whispers echo deep; I spake not,

If ever was there warmth; don’t get me wrong, I bled… but it should have cooled by now.


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