What can I do to change you?

mold you in my image?

I think not…

why are your lips pressed like that?

what did I do to leave you so bitter?

where was I when I did that?

how is it that I don’t recall?

I have to admit, I’m not exhilarated by the inerrancy

of your perfect recall.

what is forgiveness, if you’ll only remind me again.

and again, we’ll relive this infamous moment.

how exciting it is to know I’ll continually

experience this torment with you,

how utterly joyous it shall be.

well I forgive you, and do you know what else?

I forgive me!

and I’m releasing myself from your taloned clutch,

I may well bleed but I refuse to die in this morbid darkness.

that carcass is yours and if you want to dig it up,

go right ahead, but don’t bring it to my door.

I don’t like the smell.


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