Like desert sands, time is changing me,

with folded hands, I sigh and breathe deep,

warm air with jasmine highlights ebbs past in gentle waves,

each pouring over me like a tidal bouquet,

rolling and tumbling like a down comforter in a dryer,

nobody puts a down comforter in a dryer…

that’s like wearing pajamas to the beach,

I’d pay myself to do that,

just to be amused for a moment,

steady smirk below my nose,

always shows my red and yellow intentions,

I breathe out just as well, but slower,

trance like tendrils of relaxation cover me like wind blown sand,

desert crystals like snowflakes cutting through the sky,

and everything has changed by then, grain by grain,

the future, not remembering names…

wakes up with every moment, brings us that immersion

and flow ; with all the dangers of a Tsunami,

covers us and holds us close,

like a gentle giant or armored sentry.


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