Sometimes I feel like our nation has gone in the wrong direction,

other times I believe my voice has the wrong inflection,

but there are a couple of things my mind is certain of,

to my brothers in arms I send love,

I pray for your protection,

that you might cross enemy lines without detection,

I don’t always believe in the causes that you fight for,

but I trust that when you alight that foreign shore,

when your hands are raw and weak,

when your toes are cut and bleak,

I have faith in your nobility,

I know that you are just like me,

when days grow long and you battle with senility,

I will remember your name, I will chant it for posterity,

you’ll not be forgotten,

and though every bough is rotten,

not a memory will be lost,

not a single name be crossed,

even without a wall,

your name will sound the call,

for honor,

for bravery,

to sever,

to end slavery,

to release captives,

to expose motives,

for friend, for lover, and child,

for city, for country, and wild,

I bring gratitude,

without attitude,

condolences for those that you’ve lost,

compassion and camouflage with moss,

be well and God speed,

you’re the ones that we need,

and as always fidelity,

and as always fraternity,

and as always, the love of your loves,

the peace of your doves,

go with you, and keep you from harm,

until, that last enemy, you disarm.



So very many broken hearts,

not molten ones or whole,

the day was warm,

it’s cup was full,

but now is blackest night,

I swear to you the morning comes,

the mourning goes,

you find the best is yet,

and what you’ve learned,

will hold you close,

and this you won’t regret,

your eyes will dry,

your heart won’t die,

although it bleeds a titch,

the heat returns,

it mends the rends,

and love the heart can stitch,

and you may ask me,

pray you will as well,

how can this all be true?

words were never from his heart,

the lies came from within,

held you closely from the start,

but never was your friend,

a hoping heart is fully errant,

it never checks the dates,

and trust assumed that eons would,

was certain that they could,


it went so fast,

like grains of time,

a desert ever vast,

folding in upon itself,

until that fatal gasp,

wind was pain; it cut, it whipped; it dug into her side,

it took your time but not your life,

yes you are yet alive,

so pay it forward,

seek the stars,

within this sky a moon,

sing and howl,

dance and swoon,

for soon enough is noon.


So very tired,

of pressing onward,

of digging deeper,

of saying yes; when I mean no,

altogether broken,

seldom soft spoken,

by any token-


betrayed by those I love,

dismayed, but not enough,

praying for rain,

though always in vain,

I’m going insane,

you don’t even know my mother #%$@%$* name,

stop where you are,

you’ve gone much too far,

salt shot will still scar,

I’ve warned you don’t, no

this isn’t a dream,

I’m not what I seem,

you’re not on my team,

step back,

you’re whack,

I’m on the attack,

a smoke stack,

one way track,

ticket to void,

so damned annoyed,

your love is devoid,

of anything I need,

you really shouldn’t breed,

back off of my steed,

I’m certain to ride,

you cannot deride,

oft though that you’ve tried,

I can’t be denied,

this social respite,

my hole in the night,

the drain of the light,

disdained in your sight,

I conquer the height,

and shoulder the weight,

you putrid ingrate,

just leave me; don’t wait,

go on now, don’t hate.


Call me

blood shot eyes watch the sun sifting fog in the early morning sky,

cotton candy vortices hold back the pale blue,

stifle the sun,


horse hobbles homeward,

hooves on the ground, muzzle on my hand,

warm air, like liquid grass softens the calluses on my paws,

I walk beside her still, she manages to keep up,

imagine myself as strong as her, maybe in some small way; maybe delude myself with a well considered lie instead…


sand and pebbles wander under foot in a dry wash,

it seems like squandered youth when it’s empty like that,

your stones would rather swim,

but now they speak to me in tongues unknown,

tell me about time long forgotten and how that moss found it’s root within such a torrent,

I don’t know how anybody could lose their sweater here,

let alone their underwear,

I could make a sail and a raft with these drifting participles,

might find myself wanting venues with less silence; more noise- to drown out those inner demons,

but this is peace, and this the best piece of it I can find,


dayheat shimmers in the distance,

gently roiling air lifts the breeze, like a sacrifice to the heavens,

wonder what He smells up there,

rather question whether he even looks down on days such as these,

could be brimstone in the forecast,

but I don’t know nuthin’ bout no Gomorrah,

all I know is what I see and what I’d leave behind to be just a little closer,

so I say a little prayer bearing in mind that I’ve no righteousness to send it with,

but who knows maybe there’s some pinioned vestige within the channels between us,

could be I can borrow some on credit,

Lord knows I could use a little help,

but I’ll leave you with that,

you can leave a message at the tone.



I remember cinnamon on buttered bread,

innumerable tears that we’d shed,

the day I ran; the day I fled,

singing loud and seeing red,


a sullen prayer that I had said,

“Lord bring that dog back from the dead”,

unanswered bleating, eyes that bled,

recalling now, the life I’ve led,


like pages purged,

as leaves are burned,

like rage that surged,

lovers spurned,


fleeting youth,

and severed ties,

resplendent truth,

that never dies,


I saw you find me,

from above,

I peered upon us,

me and my dove,


your hands were soft,

as was your dress,

and from aloft,

I watched you bless,


my love and I,

we owned the night,

I made you cry,

you made me right,


alas it wasn’t meant to be,

heaven sent, but not for long,

at last I’ve fallen in the sea,

it takes me thither; current strong,


merciless, you set me free,

my gratitude is genuine,

even though you let me be,

despite the fact you’re not my friend.


Days like this,

sunshine breathing down one me,

lives and loves all around,

things that can’t be held on to;

moments passing by me like stolen freight trains on fast tracks,

this is dreary, begging for remembrance,

not quite certain where it may have gone,

cool water and rich green hills,

sage, cat tails and spring’s open blossoms; a cornucopia of richness,

but that’s not nearly enough,

rythms of Sublime and Timbaland foist themselves upon my ears,

I turn it up- it turns me out like a wicked pimp slapping me… a tear soaked ho,

I’ll tell you what; and this is what you need to know,

take somber and broken hearted soliloquys…

bring them with broken hands into the light,

lucent smiles, bright eyed girls….

take them to your friends and let them go,

and go they will, like dog faces and viceroys,

flutter into the dusk,

you will let me go,

I will be okay,

I will need you still,

you will give my fill,

I’ve found you, not wanting, not waning… true love.



translucent strings with opaque beads

keep the entrance to her room,

jasmine rice and a touch of curry in the air,

rouge washes the ceiling,

goldenrod bathes the walls,

and there are mirrors with fleur de lis lattices on their spines,

she likes to see herself as she passes them… oft as she does,

her eyes the gateways to places he can only imagine,

and does he dare to go there?

Is he the Echo to her Narcissus?

or just a daydreamer with a pining in his chest,

and what’s wrong with a little vanity anyways?

If you had those curves and them curls; you too would be wound up in them.