Days like this,

sunshine breathing down one me,

lives and loves all around,

things that can’t be held on to;

moments passing by me like stolen freight trains on fast tracks,

this is dreary, begging for remembrance,

not quite certain where it may have gone,

cool water and rich green hills,

sage, cat tails and spring’s open blossoms; a cornucopia of richness,

but that’s not nearly enough,

rythms of Sublime and Timbaland foist themselves upon my ears,

I turn it up- it turns me out like a wicked pimp slapping me… a tear soaked ho,

I’ll tell you what; and this is what you need to know,

take somber and broken hearted soliloquys…

bring them with broken hands into the light,

lucent smiles, bright eyed girls….

take them to your friends and let them go,

and go they will, like dog faces and viceroys,

flutter into the dusk,

you will let me go,

I will be okay,

I will need you still,

you will give my fill,

I’ve found you, not wanting, not waning… true love.



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