So very tired,

of pressing onward,

of digging deeper,

of saying yes; when I mean no,

altogether broken,

seldom soft spoken,

by any token-


betrayed by those I love,

dismayed, but not enough,

praying for rain,

though always in vain,

I’m going insane,

you don’t even know my mother #%$@%$* name,

stop where you are,

you’ve gone much too far,

salt shot will still scar,

I’ve warned you don’t, no

this isn’t a dream,

I’m not what I seem,

you’re not on my team,

step back,

you’re whack,

I’m on the attack,

a smoke stack,

one way track,

ticket to void,

so damned annoyed,

your love is devoid,

of anything I need,

you really shouldn’t breed,

back off of my steed,

I’m certain to ride,

you cannot deride,

oft though that you’ve tried,

I can’t be denied,

this social respite,

my hole in the night,

the drain of the light,

disdained in your sight,

I conquer the height,

and shoulder the weight,

you putrid ingrate,

just leave me; don’t wait,

go on now, don’t hate.



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