So very many broken hearts,

not molten ones or whole,

the day was warm,

it’s cup was full,

but now is blackest night,

I swear to you the morning comes,

the mourning goes,

you find the best is yet,

and what you’ve learned,

will hold you close,

and this you won’t regret,

your eyes will dry,

your heart won’t die,

although it bleeds a titch,

the heat returns,

it mends the rends,

and love the heart can stitch,

and you may ask me,

pray you will as well,

how can this all be true?

words were never from his heart,

the lies came from within,

held you closely from the start,

but never was your friend,

a hoping heart is fully errant,

it never checks the dates,

and trust assumed that eons would,

was certain that they could,


it went so fast,

like grains of time,

a desert ever vast,

folding in upon itself,

until that fatal gasp,

wind was pain; it cut, it whipped; it dug into her side,

it took your time but not your life,

yes you are yet alive,

so pay it forward,

seek the stars,

within this sky a moon,

sing and howl,

dance and swoon,

for soon enough is noon.


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