Sometimes I feel like our nation has gone in the wrong direction,

other times I believe my voice has the wrong inflection,

but there are a couple of things my mind is certain of,

to my brothers in arms I send love,

I pray for your protection,

that you might cross enemy lines without detection,

I don’t always believe in the causes that you fight for,

but I trust that when you alight that foreign shore,

when your hands are raw and weak,

when your toes are cut and bleak,

I have faith in your nobility,

I know that you are just like me,

when days grow long and you battle with senility,

I will remember your name, I will chant it for posterity,

you’ll not be forgotten,

and though every bough is rotten,

not a memory will be lost,

not a single name be crossed,

even without a wall,

your name will sound the call,

for honor,

for bravery,

to sever,

to end slavery,

to release captives,

to expose motives,

for friend, for lover, and child,

for city, for country, and wild,

I bring gratitude,

without attitude,

condolences for those that you’ve lost,

compassion and camouflage with moss,

be well and God speed,

you’re the ones that we need,

and as always fidelity,

and as always fraternity,

and as always, the love of your loves,

the peace of your doves,

go with you, and keep you from harm,

until, that last enemy, you disarm.


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