I can’t do without your residue,

need you like the clover seeks for the dew,

daughter of mine I need you so,

my life is nothing without your say so go,

and if you should find me within your dreams,

by drifting sands… grandiloquent streams

remember this and I’ll tell you twice,

half a dozen times- and that’s twice times thrice,

nothing means as much to me,

no thing brings me breath of day,

no child reminds me quite of you,

if I find solace it’s only truth,

is the bed of leaves I fall upon,

when dark is day and brusk is dawn,

your eyes your hair will lead me on,

if onward press I; if there I go,

it’s not without you, now you know,

I need your love, like life needs a meaning,

I need you hugs, like Netflix needs streaming,

there’s no better sound than the hum of your voice,

there’s nothing I’d seek, I have not a choice,

your souls are a precipice,

a height to be scaled,

your hearts are a centerpiece,

yet not unsealed,

gladly I’ll kill for you,

no threat can withstand,

the love that I have for you,

cause I am a man,

no question, no thought can find you without,

a stalwart companion, forever devout,

a thousand streams and a million wars,

won’t stop me from crossing,

my world to find yours,

doll if you have secrets,

don’t fear to confide,

acceptance is yours,

anon by my side,

if ever companions, they lead you astray,

I am your father, let not fear dismay,

your life is your own,

I cannot dissuade,

but know you this now,

my love will not fade.



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