You’re on my mind like a neural juggernaut,

a wet sheet of paper on smooth poreless glass,

you are in my head; I’m disturbed at the thought,

a stain on my brain, such a cumbersome lass,

and rinse don’t exist that could get rid of this,

not a writ nor a verse that could undermine the curse,

to be sure I’m not certain if it’s you that I miss,

cause the way that I feel when you’re near is much worse,

but the pant in my throat and the hunger in my tongue,

the pain in my heart and the ache in its hide,

as I lack most of you; save the stinger when you stung,

how you twist when you rend as a blade in my side,

now the thing I’m without isn’t you nor yet me,

but the way that I felt when I slumbered in that dream,

by the sun or by night all the things that will be,

carry me to a fate and support like a beam,

showing off the difference when they’re seen from a distance,

are mistakes that I’ve made; imagine that, purposeful,

and you can cast all your stones while you’re standing on the fence,

but I’ll leave mine where they lie, cause I’m not that kind of tool.



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