Last breath was miles ago,

it left me when my heart

walked away in the deep

cool night,

looked back at me forlorn

and haplessly dejected-

accusing me of careless



as if I didn’t mind the billows

of tears and blood pouring

out of me with this last loss,

oh but I was quite heartless

then I suppose,

grasping at emotion; a

hollow golem whispering

with no cadence nor voice,

it was much too late- that

spell and dark voodoo

would take their toll,

come hell or high water;

preferring the former,


there were no stars to glint

or wink, no heavenly bodies

to pierce the stale fog,

only bickering shadows

where the corpses of dreams

lie buried,

something else had died

there recently- it’s pale

yellow stench gripping my

mind as if I were not yet

battered enough on this

soggy moor,


as it were a respite,

I was blinded by my

lacrimation- it’s brine

stinging the corners of my

dried and peeling lips,

drifting furls of remembrance

fell from my nose and cheek

as the daze of asphyxiation

overcame my grief with

the promise of mortality

which came and went with

that last whimpering gasp.


in the silence, in the

solitude I fell for an eternity

as my vision blurred pink

then red and finally a deep

burgundy – face on the

pavement as if trying to carve

a rut or a fox hole… some

niche in which to hide.

eyelids clasped down

with the new found agony

– still without so much as a sigh,

I could smell a waft of my own

decay for a moment, amidst

those other gnarly pale

wisps prodding my senses.

they didn’t care whether

my lungs had collapsed- they

would press into me and

relish my torment,


it was then that I was

finally released, like a

rabid dog or worthless


and darkness, as always, was

my keeper- my foe wry and

delighted bent over my

soul like a mime specter,

pasty white and crooked

twig like fingers on hands

with no arms buried me

where meal worms


I faded away more

obscure than ever and

emptiness with it’s

infinite quiver bore

me into oblivion.


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