Your eyes drive madness into me,

soul so deep, I might plunge to find the depth of the ravine,

and tumble off boulders, alit and broken here and there,

arms and legs flailing in the air,

hair turned back and smiling without a care,

but I sink a deep breath of you,

breaks my lungs, cloven in two,

your heartscape splayed before my presence,

cascading and trembling I hold you tight against my breast,

ask myself “can I withstand this test?”

or am I pressing toward oblivion,

cancer in my hand, and on my lips,

exhale, exhilarated I step back for a moment,

early morning hours find me carrying you,

find you carrying me,

as though just a stick figure, in the palm of your hand,

and they ask me what time it is?

I say it’s now and flick an ash or two,

sultry frozen ember piles out billows from my face,

wonder why I don’t dream these days,

seems somewhat ominous this ether… clouds my mind with delusions of what might be,

am I making plans or just a wayfarer ducking the underpasses,

pavement on my feet, kisses wounded heels,

and all that is within me yet congeals,

like a hurricane tumultuous,

lets me dwindle outright,

and I stand in the eye,

hold your hand as you walk by,

and let go.



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