hard to see,

harder yet to stand next to,


better held and kept than sent,

these trappings, they see things,


can’t believe I’m breathing these tones,

spending these bones,


like the Merovingian,

sees all,

tells nothing,

but what was foretold

skin fold,

held deep,

beneath me,

and who I was,

who I am,

new trans am,

firebird rodding harder,

darker, somber- without a number,

soul feeds me peace,

warm release,

a prick within,

silent whims,

firefly dims,

and we,

and you,

are we,

even real,

copse withheld,

still I meld,

broken promises,

words that went without saying,

pony tail and I’m braying,

just saying,

act right,

be strong,

and if you don’t,

well then just move along,

different rhyme,

got no time to send this,

postage not paid,

shoulda been made,

by now,

find out,

see me,

without you,


just and,




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