When I first saw her,

I knew,

that she was more than a hand full,

she was playing,

and I was watching,

yet I began to become entranced,

like hari kari,

took the blade in hand,

and leaned in,

she is however,

a unicorn,

of orange,

eyes like tide pools,

and hair akin to the death of a gentleman,

what witchery is this,

and by what name is wrought this spell?

would that I should look into the eyes of the devil,

and call him Luci…

come close to me,

but never touch my flesh,

burning chasm between us,

mock my heart,

with bitter scorn,

but don’t believe a word I say,

I pray for celibacy,

heal me from the cause I’ve lost,

words like the tsar bomba,

fall on ears to deafen them,

would that I were true to more than I,

but you taste silver on the tongue,

so I’ll die a thousand more deaths to let you go,

and he tells me again, “Don’t look back.”

now I heave my soul up,

put it on my shoulder, next to the heart on my sleeve,

and forward gait I seek,

somehow dusk is lost on me,

can’t see it’s beauty, for hers,

scales on my eyes,

ringing in my ears,

and dry in my throat.



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