Ivory and Ebony

Wonderfully crafted, he said of you,

tells no lies, just look into his eyes,

you were sunsets to him, gold and crimson,

pearly gates, heaven’s scent, heart’s prison,


you were unmentionable joy,

words tried to define you, but you rose above,

you’re scarlet raiment, things to enjoy,

ivory calves and hips made for love,


ebony locks framed by blue sky,

tinder to the fire of his soul,

gaze every man that walks by,

filling the way made him whole,


regrets only leaving every morning,

waits on pins and needles for closing time,

not a moment lost, into his arms you were leaping,

“Fifty cents a dollar,” he says, “baby you’re a dime.”


and passion was flushed by a hint of you,

he spit every line, like it was writ by his spirit,

said he, “There’s only one thing left to do,”

“marry me, and these knees will bow.”


chose to love her, as a locomotive,

freight train that lacked any semblance of sanity,

purity in truth was his motive,

and kept his way where she walked, like she was gravity.



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