Tide with Bleach

Waves and changes,

cataclysmic at times,

kidnapped by anxiety and a panic attack,

afraid of things to come,

she waits at the eyehole,

he knocks just once more,

doll opens the door just a crack,

he takes two steps back,

says to her, “Come in the water’s warm…”,

she fakes a grimace,

he smiles to her face,

she says to her self; who is this man?

what is his plan?

and how does he know who I am?

he says we are one,

we are the same,

and nothing is done,

till we become strange,

he offers an elbow,

she grins at this fellow,

handsome and kind,

are the depths of his eyes,

inviting and gentle,

with dimple, no lies,

often they walk,

this princess and page,

sometimes they talk,

and sometimes they rage,

always the day,

oft in the night,

they look for a way,

to make all things alright,

both subtle and gentle,

while cupping their hands,

and take like a ladle,

receiving amends,

it’s water as promised,

brings refreshing renewal,

the past won’t be missed,

like shit on a trowel.



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