Feels like healing,

this energy departs from me,

comes back again refreshed,

it’s cool clarity gained velocity,

like a boomerang,

in a downward spiral,

leaves by the edge of arteries,

returns to the very heart of me,

like life’s blood,

poured into the air,

for salvation,

that was never promised,

gentle and mystifying,

mist defying,


rolls roundabout,

like a roustabout,

gathers no dust,

on this spontaneous arc,

no need for drivel,

soul doesn’t quibble,

with it’s own,

flight as majestic,

or more so,

than tides on oceans green,

green and blue; with orange hue sets on me,

sets me free, like a spirit wind beat,

and sometimes she even dances with me,

don’t need a partner,

she’s like a sparkler,

has no agenda,

I don’t pretend to,

understand her moves,

salient but smooth,

hand on my shoulder,

and when I hold her,

returns to me,

like dust in the wind,

motion within, and without; without a doubt,

I need you now,

and grant you slumber,

a wisp that’s slender,

treads light on me,


as a bow on the violin,

sweetness melody,

it’s trend,


soft collapse,

last flight around,

midnight sound,

kept but not bound,

ever the ground,

heather the greyed,

past retrograde.


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