Butterfly Queens

Engulfed within a throng of monarchs,

angels grace me with their presence,

gilded wings with silver lace,

satin dewdrops on their cheeks,

needed aid; it came on time,

seems to me it was divine,

snatch me out from in the fire,

speak of love and true desire,

I deserve to burn,

will I ever learn?

but your cool cup it hands me water,

douses eyes and smothers flames,

your grace to me is something strange,

yet familiar,

almost as if I knew you all ways,

possible we met before?

somewhere in the greatest spiral,

freely offer soul revival,

I don’t know if I can make this motion any more,

this pendulum, this vacillation,

I choose to seek my heart today,

my mirth won’t come from chardonnay,

I’m different, to me it is poison,

I don’t say that for you it’s so,

but as for me an allergy,

to sanctify myself I need,

a little oil a bit of smoke,

a hotly blinding world of spirit,

this ends a means I’m coming near it.



My friends are getting old,

they no longer wish to dance with me,

my toes are getting cold,

I’m on a pyre in the sea,

I cannot feel my lips,

and wish that she was lying next to me,

she launched a thousand ships,

coasting through my destiny,

and on the beach they mourn,

within their eyes I see the self-same blue,

upon the waves I’m borne,

glinting sparkles gilded true,

in this life divided,

by my irksome, foolish indignation,

someday reunited,

hands will clasp in ovation.

The Vortex

The greatest challenges in life are getting to know yourself, truly, and breaking through given systems, ideas and paradigms. The universe can be seen from many different perspectives and even all of them at once. Try to take a gander at my vantage and stretch yourself a little bit, then give me some of what you have and I might even get stronger as well.

I’m not saying that the institutions are wrong, but, what if? What if everything we’ve been brought to believe by the pedagogues that be is completely wrong on multiple levels. For instance, I suggest that the universe is expanding, but not in the way that we have been classically taught.

This postulate is not fully developed, but I’ve been thinking about it for nearly my whole life. So… there was a cat named Einstein before my time, and he would do mental experiments based on his mathematical knowledge regarding universal relationships. I have another friend who thinks the earth is flat, but I don’t believe that, because dafter having examined the evidence (the way the shadow on the moon develops while waxing and the shape of the shadow indicate that the moon is a sphere and this suggests to me that in a consistent system, heavenly bodies have balls 😉 .) I can see his perspective and it has it’s own form of beauty. Now back to I.Q. .

One of Einsteins Theories is that time and space are relative to one another, some call this special relativity. Energy is practically equivalent to the product of mass and the speed of light squared. One of the other things he suspected is that gravity is not actually a pulling force.

Now, hear me out, Flat earthers think that earth is a disc which is being accelerated upwards with a rate G=9.8m/s/s, I think they’re on to something, but they’re not gonna like what I’m cooking. I think it’s very possible that one of two things is true. Either 1: all things are expanding, and gravity is an illusion formed in our minds because with two objects that are growing in direct proportion to one another, both would appear to approach. Or 2: the universe is moving in the shape of a double helix, with constant rotational acceleration, that’s a big ass merry go round. A third possibility is that both of these are true. Here we go round the globular cluster.

It doesn’t really matter, but I suspect that the universe is one particle which exists in all places simultaneously at all times in either one of these representations; time also having become a part of the delusion. Now in the former case the entire universe is getting bigger and for this reason we have the red shift and Doppler effects, but it appears that with gravity the worlds must eventually collide at plank time again… which is why I don’t believe in gravity anymore. The nuclear forces counter this apparent gravity and prove that repulsion is the only real type of force… things can be bound or pushed into existence but not pulled.

Now, the twin paradox suggests that time is relative to acceleration. This is where constant expansion or rotation, but in any case, acceleration becomes necessary. They allow us the illusion of time, because time is with respect to motion. It’s simple calculus folks, grow you brain you 😉 Time and space are veritably the same thing, they are completely codependent, just like shitty couples.

To me, the important thing to realize, is that these questions of order are very intertwined with fate. If the Universe continues to grow, so do we, and that doesn’t have to be limited to physical growth. Ever wonder why kids experience longer days than adults do … on average? It’s because they are accelerating, by physically getting larger. I proffer that spiritual growth has the same effect. In a way, their brains are going faster than most adult minds. I was playing in the park yesterday with a bunch of kids. A couple of them don’t know me. So, these little girls decided to have a “picnic” and I said, “But, there’s no food.” Now she says, “You’re such an adult!”, and I laughed pretty hard because I have a vivid imagination which borders on lunacy. My point is that I slow time when I go into motion, when I laugh, when I learn, when I see people at their best; I am accelerating. I think that we are light travelling through the void and I wish the void wasn’t necessary, because I only want to be light but they definitely commingle for our betterment. Light is more powerful though, the darkness can’t handle it.

Did you ever wonder why the earth really has a magnetosphere? Imagine an apple, with a little tiny earth inside of it. Now imagine that apple is a charged field flowing like a maelstrom down into the earth, through it and then out the other side and around again and again and again. Well, this is the part where you tell me I’m nuts, but you’ll have to prove it… I believe that each of us, not just humans mind you, but that each of us is the center of a universe. As a composite, we are the universe. Without each and every one of you, there is nothing. This is my love letter to you. The left hand rule stipulates that where there is an electromagnetic fore, there is an electrical force running perpendicular to it. This means, as Tessla recognized that there is power running through the air in waves that encircle the globe. This power flows through us and can charge us. I think, and call me crazy, but believe me… I’m not certain of much, but, what if the force of life is the only true power in the Universe? What if we drive the magnetosphere and the illusion of gravity and the strong and weak nuclear forces only exist: because we said so in unison? Your beliefs shape you, and yet you are who you are. Be careful what you think. Take your time to simmer on it, it took me a while to start seeing weird stuff… oh hell, I’ve always been a gonzo, Have you seen Camilla?


And there I was again,

facing down the part of me which I’d sworn I’d killed,

that facade I called Me ~once~ with purple shades in hand,

and though it was truly derived for the betterment of me,

ego found a way to arrest my development,

now with all my money spent` a soul bereavement,

I speckled sheep whose dots are eyes,

though to know, raison d’etre,

yet to know that light is well within,

and here we go,

in tawdry toils we weave,

never knowing when and where,

we believe the bereaved,

though you and your catatonic state,

have found me oft and late,

and rather spending lies to sate,

pricked a thorn within my fate,

now for the most part,

I can see you as you are,

a product ended much like tar,

and this amalgam reaching far,

into the soul this vessel mar,

but I’ve a strength that knows no bound,

a song that plays without a sound,

a depth of character so round,

that I will catch you on the ground.




so Wm Holden, this is what we’re gonna do with the quantum magnetic locking technology. We suspend this sapphire disc somewhere out near the Oort cloud (somewhere not on the solar plane so that shadows wouldn’t be an issue), and then we use sunlight reflected off the surface of the disc which won’t move (which contradicts Newtonian physics to a degree, I might add.) Now we use the reflected and possibly even refracted light to propel a light sail with whatever cargo we want across the solar system, galaxy and possibly the universe. I will eventually accelerate to at least sub light speed, because the bombardment of the sail will be continuous. The main issue would be heat building up gradually because of the concentration of photons in the beam. Basically it would build up to laser power gradually because light would bounce off the sail, some of it running the course back to the mirror and sun. The beam would be constantly focused on the light sail due to the fixation of the mirror, and could easilly be micro-adjusted back onto the light sail if needed. This is good stuff. I think we should apply for a patent on this technology.


I feel so lame,

crippled and obtuse,

ask myself “what are you doing?”

and “what’s the use?”

dry stem within me,

soul seared and weary,

Am I,

but who are you?

and do you truly do,

what you say you do?

find myself lacking,

comprehension or backing,

because, what it is within my spine,

is something less than divine,

and intangible,

tangent mandible,

chews holes through souls,

like voles and moles,

and bullet holes,

without controls,

and to me this dearth and clatter,

really doesn’t fucking matter,

so stand by with hands aside,

and for God’s sake don’t deride,

you said you knew me, asked my name,

but now I see it’s all in vain,

and if you ever say it loudly,

I will simply let the shroud be,

if ever time and light traversed,

the spectacle of lovers cursed,

I’d be certain in my way,

to close the curtain- end of day.

Eros Ion

Memories like you and I,

fleeting stones roll to and fro,

chips and sand they leave behind,

like comets feeling vertigo,

heightened senses,

vainest selfies,

letting go of false pretenses,

flooding out as crimson menses,

standing up and falling forward,

filling vaults with tainted plunder,

call me out a wretched coward,

drifting listless, going under,

lost between the ifs and maybes,

subtle breeze and shifting sands,

punching clocks and feeding babies,

wringing out my time worn hands,

headlong into pallid morning,

heart unsettled sighs and pulses,

searing pain without a warning,

deep within me, where the pulp is,

every conscious thought derailed,

till the moment it subsides,

all capacity is jailed,

on another, my hope rides,

listen closely to the noise,

in the stillness of the void,

from the darkness whispers voice,

as though with my mind it toyed,

panting lighly as I crawl,

murmered sweetness, words of life,

now I see the light, a ball,

letting go the current strife,

I can see and taste your ardor,

now inhale this breath of life,

thought it would be so much harder,

hot through butter, you’re a knife,

making mole hills,

out of mountains,

living water,

crystal fountains.