May very well bleed to death today,

not from either wound nor contusion,

caught up in the flight and the way,

waylaid by the grandest delusion,

speaks to the core of me,

breached by a sordid blade,

head like a symphony,

lost in a cavalcade,

once was unscathed,

now touched and played,

miry in the dirt was bathed,

virgin birth is rent and splayed,

and uncovered truths with time,

taught me my mind was mine,

everything in heart like a rhyme,

brought up from the start was divine,

exposed is what was within,

transposed now a slave for a king,

switched as at birth of a twin,

never more deprecating,

in verity conciliatory,

remanded to the self, that is me,

all that came from this history,

not to blame for this new levity,

your brevity betrays you,

words are unsound,

stray from the knowledge that was new,

blind in the light are you found,

I am given your confession,

I’m a kiss on your shoe,

unleashed from a heart of compassion,

and caress soul to heart soon subdue,

you will breathe,

I will serve,


as a nerve,

love replete,

find truth,

seek life,

one tooth,

end strife.


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