The Greatest Riddle

It is gold- it is black,

it can fall under attack,

it is red- it is pink,

it can help you when you think,

it is true- it is blue,

it’s my babies at the zoo,

and as a pang of war,

in it’s purple says much more,

it is broken,

it is whole,

it’s the throne of every soul,

always given,

never taken,

has a death wish for more bacon,

takes a beating,

keeps on beating,

to the future it is leading,

if you cannot get a word in,

well, it bears the burden,

some are cold,

some are warm,

some are battered in the storm,

it’s a castle or a keep,

it can wake you in your sleep,

some I steal- some were deep,

some are shallow others weep,

if you’re careful- you can have it,

I just hope that you don’t stab it,

if you take a little time,

we can bind them with a crime,

and of all the words I’ve spoken,

please be certain; I’m not jokin’,

dit je t’aime o te amo,

and I’ll buy you Ferragamo,

I know that yours was hurt,

but I’ll keep it like a lamb,

and though this verse is curt,

mine is yours and here I am.


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