If you knew how much I love you,

if your comprehension could bring you the best of me,

if words alone could tell you,

what a smile and a kiss could bring,

if what you meant to me was,

only trivial love,

if birds and bees could never breath,

if stars were dots and the vast expanse,

were only travelers and holes,

if summer shoals were forsaken nodes,

if dreams were lost and forgiveness found,

if I were you, and well, you were me,

if you were not my progeny,

if I could say; how much you mean,

if life was lost and you I found,

if buried hate found me irate,

if you could slide, I’d be home plate,

were friends to find,

if signs could fail,

if I wake up, or if I’m in jail,

if my ships tossed,

if I set sail,

don’t ever lose me,

don’t be alone,

don’t ever think my heart has died,

for dear upon you,

I have relied,

and at my side you’ve made your stride,

I see you passing,

I see you grow,

You are my passion,

I see the tears… you can’t let go.


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