Eros Ion

Memories like you and I,

fleeting stones roll to and fro,

chips and sand they leave behind,

like comets feeling vertigo,

heightened senses,

vainest selfies,

letting go of false pretenses,

flooding out as crimson menses,

standing up and falling forward,

filling vaults with tainted plunder,

call me out a wretched coward,

drifting listless, going under,

lost between the ifs and maybes,

subtle breeze and shifting sands,

punching clocks and feeding babies,

wringing out my time worn hands,

headlong into pallid morning,

heart unsettled sighs and pulses,

searing pain without a warning,

deep within me, where the pulp is,

every conscious thought derailed,

till the moment it subsides,

all capacity is jailed,

on another, my hope rides,

listen closely to the noise,

in the stillness of the void,

from the darkness whispers voice,

as though with my mind it toyed,

panting lighly as I crawl,

murmered sweetness, words of life,

now I see the light, a ball,

letting go the current strife,

I can see and taste your ardor,

now inhale this breath of life,

thought it would be so much harder,

hot through butter, you’re a knife,

making mole hills,

out of mountains,

living water,

crystal fountains.


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