so Wm Holden, this is what we’re gonna do with the quantum magnetic locking technology. We suspend this sapphire disc somewhere out near the Oort cloud (somewhere not on the solar plane so that shadows wouldn’t be an issue), and then we use sunlight reflected off the surface of the disc which won’t move (which contradicts Newtonian physics to a degree, I might add.) Now we use the reflected and possibly even refracted light to propel a light sail with whatever cargo we want across the solar system, galaxy and possibly the universe. I will eventually accelerate to at least sub light speed, because the bombardment of the sail will be continuous. The main issue would be heat building up gradually because of the concentration of photons in the beam. Basically it would build up to laser power gradually because light would bounce off the sail, some of it running the course back to the mirror and sun. The beam would be constantly focused on the light sail due to the fixation of the mirror, and could easilly be micro-adjusted back onto the light sail if needed. This is good stuff. I think we should apply for a patent on this technology.


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