Butterfly Queens

Engulfed within a throng of monarchs,

angels grace me with their presence,

gilded wings with silver lace,

satin dewdrops on their cheeks,

needed aid; it came on time,

seems to me it was divine,

snatch me out from in the fire,

speak of love and true desire,

I deserve to burn,

will I ever learn?

but your cool cup it hands me water,

douses eyes and smothers flames,

your grace to me is something strange,

yet familiar,

almost as if I knew you all ways,

possible we met before?

somewhere in the greatest spiral,

freely offer soul revival,

I don’t know if I can make this motion any more,

this pendulum, this vacillation,

I choose to seek my heart today,

my mirth won’t come from chardonnay,

I’m different, to me it is poison,

I don’t say that for you it’s so,

but as for me an allergy,

to sanctify myself I need,

a little oil a bit of smoke,

a hotly blinding world of spirit,

this ends a means I’m coming near it.


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