Bids me come closer as I ask why?

says she wants to know me and that’s not a lie,

holds me under water head in the deep,

folds me like a blotter dead does she keep,

“Fool of a Took” says a wizard to a gent,

but I keep falling in to this maze where I went,

open to the core where I’m weak am I strong,

though as lost I am I’m a note in a song,

and I don’t know my heart- not as well as I wish,

though I think that I’m smart- I’m a water without fish,

so I strolled through the wood,

off to grandma’s cause I could,

then I fell on her daughter,

like a lamb to the slaughter,

I suppose that I think like a bag of nuts and bolts,

but I live in the land where the men are all dolts,

she was smooth and abrasive,

yes more or less persuasive,

now I have to say the truth I regret only pain,

that is caused by the words and the things I do in vain,

but is it really wrong if I gave her what she asked?

if I do as I was told in the moment that was tasked,

did she need what I gave,

or am I just a slave?

is a fool what I am,

just a vein she can slam?

and who is using who,

was it me or is it you?

this illusion of control,

like a curse within my soul,

or does it even matter,

matter how? matter now, who’s the jester who’s the Hatter,

will I ever know the truth,

be like John or lose a tooth?

cause I think I’m losing strength,

is it girth or is it length?

no I don’t have any answers,

ask the klan or even panthers,

cause maybe hate is love,

maybe down is up above,

but she’ll ask as I’ll beg,

and we’ll share another keg,

when the mourning comes she’s gone,

and I knew this all along,

that our love was a farce,

far between, and just too sparse,

I’m not sure what we deserve,

but I don’t think I’ve the nerve,

to carry on in this tryst,

just unspoken injustice,

no I don’t think I’ve the heart,

to sit around and play the part,

cause it’s shame just the same,

I’m a cripple and a lame.



What will you do?
volition withholds as visions unfold,
we pray and tarry just a bit as we vary,
same patterns, different day;
one mission as they may,
and I preach to you,
I speak my truth,
try to beseech you from follies of your youth,
and a treatise from authenticity,
bold from antiquity,
hence berated thee,
gentle from the softest tee,
petals from an evn’ fallen,
spoke with a southern drawl n’,
light from an earthen chamber,
up from the depths to clamber,
tread with a sullen hammer,
these say I couldn’t damn her.



There in the air,
we fly together,
never alone,
though ever in need,
we feel as though,
our minds are lost,
hearts are torn,
and all hope shorn,
but truth be told,
we live to hold,
we die to breathe,
with both our hands,
on just one knee,
and there in time,
and under space,
we hold out for,
that warm sweet taste,
if days were thumbs,
we’d have too few,
and love that numbs,
would be so true,
now lying still,
by weedy tufts,
we shake off hate,
and broken stuffs,
to rise renewed,
and come unglued,
by summer skies,
by hope imbued,
if ever there,
were words to tell,
as picturesque,
as dark bluebell,
and drifting off,
to dreamy sleep,
we cast our anchors,
for the deep,
and sail into,
the cotton cloud,
enjoy the view,
by fate allowed.

Terra Sin Terra

Terra Sin Terra

Four colors,

and deep blue among them,

buried in the sea beneath me,

moonlight shone down on,

waves over denser waters,

cooler strands and,

kelp like a sentinel,

keeping watch for dry,

but dry never comes on pitch darkness,

that leads to daylight,

like a lost child in a mall,

she wanders; gathering bits of fabric,

from the corners of her pocket like mind,

still shines down, screaming through trojan clouds,

sprung upon the indigenous waves and motions,

deepest oceans, their whimsical innocence yet not pondered by inquiring minds,

and yet we cover her in detritus,

play ambiguous or benign in our careless stupor,

lacking sentience… without hope,

praying for days end,

like those chivalrous stallions of yore,

steeds who carried fools into noble jousts,

ask yourself… did they really believe this was the purpose of their existence?

or were they just misfits… miscreants,

lost in the current,

never quite present,

always alone,

and on blustery days… hypothermic,

still life goes on as previously postulated,

and all around him nature seeks retribution,

recompense for stolen hope,

she, that great expanse of saline entrapment,

she that forsook and neglected the expanse of solutions,

prays for numbness,

stays with warm mist,

never goes home.


Found myself in a dreamstate,

there were colors there; none of which was gray,

and they were memorable, for therein I flew,

and where I went my heart was free,

no forcing hands nor broken knee,

where walking was insane or fickle,

folded hands began to tickle,

for fancy things like gilded raiment,

costly garb which needs no payment,

free was I and careless too,

and then my thoughts returned to you,

there you were in soft repose,

calmly taking off your clothes,

till there was nothing on at all,

courting my Neanderthal,

just as I began to kiss,

lips they fell and did they miss,

eyes of mine I opened wide,

she was gone, how did she hide?

sands were there, a smattering,

bones of angels chattering,

well, then I woke and you were gone,

I’d lost the doe I doted on,

and nothing more could mine appease,

the soul was torn without a breeze,

now wandering, now frail, now worn,

wishing I was never born,

for pain’s escape was rather fleeting,

a nightmare when I wake is meeting,

every day is just a loss,

without love a heavy cross.


They said don’t do these things illicitly,

DARE’d me in their education,

said I’d be broken immensely,

but never told the truth of elation,

though I was runnning,

began to fly,

and words they were drumming,

within that high,

to cover all cracks,

misgivings and crags,

depths within tracks,

powders in bags,

but now that I know,

know the truth and the ware,

burnt lurid glow,

of a soul with no care,

like cancer; taking tooth and hair,

or acid bathed dreams,

defy logic ensnare,

caught eternally within the seams,

but trying to find me, nonetheless,

arms, hands and fingers outstretched,

begging someone to find me hapless,

gut and soul primally etched,

not sure which is greater,

though I am the least,

but learn how to sate her,

pay homage to beast,

dwell into the vernal,

a light after dark,

my love is eternal,

but misses the mark,

I know that I’ve seen you,

yet thousands of times,

the deep in the sky blue,

and loquacious rhymes,

those rythms like ribbons,

enwrapping my mind,

and bruises for gluttons,

with cruelty divine,

I’m sure that I’ve seen you,

though time and again,

I swore that I won’t do,

this evil again,

but never have needed,

your sip or the ink,

while standing or seated,

imbibing the drink,

forsaken reliquary,

prodded and bent,

still begging the query,

“What life have I spent?”

so say that I’m lost,

and think that you’re found,

go count me as dross,

but I think you’ve drowned,

I play in the park,

and dabble in light,

although it was stark,

I think it was right,

stuck if I’m stupid,

caught in the beams,

a draught from a cupid,

but not as it seems.


Some days I don’t think that I can take it,

though I know that I will,

just so much space between us,

seems unjust to me,

just to be,

so far,

so far from you,

and inside me aches,

and pains feel like ligaments tearing from inside my ribs,

places where you came from within me,

organs that I can’t live without,

ages that were torn from me,

those which I’ve sworn to protect,

that which I’d crush boulders over,

and lonely doesn’t even begin to cover,

the gaps between us,

and salt and water could never span the chasm formed there,

and I’ve never been so hurt nor destroyed since this,

since you were out of sight,

no longer within reach,

when everything within me began to spasm,

for there within my core,

was the closest thing,

nearest notion,

to death,

the idea of life without you,

I’ll let that burn in your retinas for just a moment,

like a flashbulb’s incandescant humor,

like a lost harp in a forbidden tunnel,

one I’m sure you’ll go to soon,

too soon,

and in white nonetheless,

and you’ll be too far,

so far from me,

and never again within reach,

never a fucking gain,

but I’ll hope and pray,

that you’ll remember my name,

that you’ll say it to yourself in those dark moments,

whether I can answer or not,

I’ll be with you there,

I’ll believe in you,

and though not now,

but too soon,

I’ll let go of your hand,

and I suppose,

I suppose you’ll stand,