My love is a raging torrent,

poured out from a broken soul,

you had better find something to hold on to,

’cause with me there is no control,

My love is a burning stallion,

a steadily marching battalion,

I have come to conquer and crush,

with tenderness and a hush,

My love is a painted desert,

with fruit and hallowed hutch,

it carries the weight of a mammoth,

with forbearance and a gentle touch,

My love is a locomotive,

a cleft, a tone, an octave,

it’s harmony carries a ballad,

and a truth, like a mallet,

My love I give freely and feckless,

and you say to me, that I’m wreckless,

I wield it, a rapier to fence with,

I will find you and your pith.


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