am I nothing more than comet’s blood trailing through the sky?

squandered lost and ill fought wars within a broken heart?

day or night to call my name would answer with a lie,

and tear within me soul and mind for naught less than their art?

but you, your words and pretty eyes have made me realize,

within expanse of voided space a shift of red we weave,

and if I gaze upon your lips who cut me down to size,

finding nothing within self except a thing to leave,

now ever yonder on the shore- a million miles away,

I see a promise and a dream- I see a light of yore,

as though the silkiest of dreams a spotted milky way,

and skin like pearls and still desire something so much more,

though you may run and I may hide- the moon it passes by,

and tranquility does defy the darkness on the side,

so stretch out hands as I come close and tears begin to cry,

before the burden was a rose a seed they had to hide,

alike a petal trail of dust was hidden by the day,

and in your arms that spiral out I see the light and truth,

of every dream I ever knew that sought me in the way,

but gnashing down I bit my lip and sadly lost a tooth.


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