Who am I really?

not sure I’d want to know either,

as you casually remove me from your life once again,

funny this should hurt at all,

odd that I should care,

but there you were, you needed help and I, well I was there,

you said that we would still be friends as long as life remains,

I said that I would not hold back the blood within my veins,

you exorcise me with a click and don’t respond to calls,

yet still I wonder where you are and what for you befalls,

I wish that I had not a soul,

my heart a gaping hole,

so this for me would be a null,

though love then would be dull,

or maybe I could be a fool and love so many well,

that they would give me just enough to rend me from this hell,

but they cannot and I can’t either,

so take some time to sulk and wither,

maybe grow and end up stronger,

what you do I know no longer,

that’s okay I still have prayer,

carries through your every layer,

that’s alright I’m still the same,

spirit whispers you’re not to blame.


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