They said don’t do these things illicitly,

DARE’d me in their education,

said I’d be broken immensely,

but never told the truth of elation,

though I was runnning,

began to fly,

and words they were drumming,

within that high,

to cover all cracks,

misgivings and crags,

depths within tracks,

powders in bags,

but now that I know,

know the truth and the ware,

burnt lurid glow,

of a soul with no care,

like cancer; taking tooth and hair,

or acid bathed dreams,

defy logic ensnare,

caught eternally within the seams,

but trying to find me, nonetheless,

arms, hands and fingers outstretched,

begging someone to find me hapless,

gut and soul primally etched,

not sure which is greater,

though I am the least,

but learn how to sate her,

pay homage to beast,

dwell into the vernal,

a light after dark,

my love is eternal,

but misses the mark,

I know that I’ve seen you,

yet thousands of times,

the deep in the sky blue,

and loquacious rhymes,

those rythms like ribbons,

enwrapping my mind,

and bruises for gluttons,

with cruelty divine,

I’m sure that I’ve seen you,

though time and again,

I swore that I won’t do,

this evil again,

but never have needed,

your sip or the ink,

while standing or seated,

imbibing the drink,

forsaken reliquary,

prodded and bent,

still begging the query,

“What life have I spent?”

so say that I’m lost,

and think that you’re found,

go count me as dross,

but I think you’ve drowned,

I play in the park,

and dabble in light,

although it was stark,

I think it was right,

stuck if I’m stupid,

caught in the beams,

a draught from a cupid,

but not as it seems.


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