Found myself in a dreamstate,

there were colors there; none of which was gray,

and they were memorable, for therein I flew,

and where I went my heart was free,

no forcing hands nor broken knee,

where walking was insane or fickle,

folded hands began to tickle,

for fancy things like gilded raiment,

costly garb which needs no payment,

free was I and careless too,

and then my thoughts returned to you,

there you were in soft repose,

calmly taking off your clothes,

till there was nothing on at all,

courting my Neanderthal,

just as I began to kiss,

lips they fell and did they miss,

eyes of mine I opened wide,

she was gone, how did she hide?

sands were there, a smattering,

bones of angels chattering,

well, then I woke and you were gone,

I’d lost the doe I doted on,

and nothing more could mine appease,

the soul was torn without a breeze,

now wandering, now frail, now worn,

wishing I was never born,

for pain’s escape was rather fleeting,

a nightmare when I wake is meeting,

every day is just a loss,

without love a heavy cross.


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