Bids me come closer as I ask why?

says she wants to know me and that’s not a lie,

holds me under water head in the deep,

folds me like a blotter dead does she keep,

“Fool of a Took” says a wizard to a gent,

but I keep falling in to this maze where I went,

open to the core where I’m weak am I strong,

though as lost I am I’m a note in a song,

and I don’t know my heart- not as well as I wish,

though I think that I’m smart- I’m a water without fish,

so I strolled through the wood,

off to grandma’s cause I could,

then I fell on her daughter,

like a lamb to the slaughter,

I suppose that I think like a bag of nuts and bolts,

but I live in the land where the men are all dolts,

she was smooth and abrasive,

yes more or less persuasive,

now I have to say the truth I regret only pain,

that is caused by the words and the things I do in vain,

but is it really wrong if I gave her what she asked?

if I do as I was told in the moment that was tasked,

did she need what I gave,

or am I just a slave?

is a fool what I am,

just a vein she can slam?

and who is using who,

was it me or is it you?

this illusion of control,

like a curse within my soul,

or does it even matter,

matter how? matter now, who’s the jester who’s the Hatter,

will I ever know the truth,

be like John or lose a tooth?

cause I think I’m losing strength,

is it girth or is it length?

no I don’t have any answers,

ask the klan or even panthers,

cause maybe hate is love,

maybe down is up above,

but she’ll ask as I’ll beg,

and we’ll share another keg,

when the mourning comes she’s gone,

and I knew this all along,

that our love was a farce,

far between, and just too sparse,

I’m not sure what we deserve,

but I don’t think I’ve the nerve,

to carry on in this tryst,

just unspoken injustice,

no I don’t think I’ve the heart,

to sit around and play the part,

cause it’s shame just the same,

I’m a cripple and a lame.


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