I am going to the darkest night, Where I go, I know I go alone, I pray aloud, but for a vision, one that brings me to my home, and somewhere deep in that horizon, a gong a chiming xylophone, is a tune aware, I’ve never heard yet, in the silence, all alone, and when it plays, it’s hollow contrast, when it’s darkest, night is near, when it’s sound alights the night a bomb blast, with a voice alike a broken hymn, and the sound a deafened and deposed sin, and the words a prayer that cannot win, when it’s braying like a donkey loudly, when the voice is crushing all within, as the sparrow cries unto her children, I know you’ll lead me to the den, every day, and every way, speak what you say, and let not dismay, cut you so terse, speak but a verse, breathe not a curse, for better or worse, let not a lie, tear from your eye, reason bely, I’m done cause I’m dry.


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