Ass a Sin

I don’t understand why you would do that to me,

say such things,

leave me bereaved,

must have calculated when you surmised,

had to have lied when you looked in my eyes,

and I wish it didn’t hurt,

when I look, when I see,

but when you said those things; well you spoke them of me,

now it wasn’t just the words, but the knife in my back,

and the way that you twist when you choose to attack,

though it’s not the first time, I admit it’s the last,

cause my heart won’t stand the heat and you move much too fast,

but when I listened to your words and the pain in your soul,

I was suddenly estranged from the world that I know,

will I ever speak again to give help or console,

while you stand with your gun on that green grassy knoll?

I’ll forgive, yes I’m sure, with a mind like a sieve,

but for dollars or for men you won’t burn me again.


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