vena cava

When you’re sad, I’m cleft in two,

when you’re blue, I’m cloven too,

as you’re heart is not at ease,

I am sundered at my knees,

with every tear you drop,

I watch my heartline tend to crop,

and on a dare,

a splitting hair,

I give to you my every care,

they call me fool for being nice,

but that’s the best of every vice,

to be so kind or ever true,

you’re on my mind; I dream of you,

and if you ever seek a day,

if on a beach or rainy may,

then find me crossing paths that way,

and play my name upon your tongue,

for sweeter song was never sung,

then hold my hand upon that shore,

and never want for any more,

if you ever seek for joy,

swear that I will not annoy,

but as you weep- I’m standing by,

silenced as the deep blue sky,

watching ever holding true,

blood that flows within me- you.


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