Hard to feel the motions when you’re so far away,

strange to show emotions by night or by day,

finger tips encumbered by the nets in the sky,

love and her devotions are the numb in my high,

grounded by a distance,

crowded in this instance,

scent of an ember,

cedar in the tinder,

aroma of a romance,

give me just this one dance,

and I see the tear on your cheek,

takes me in cause I’m so weak,

she’s a fracture in my spirit,

no I don’t want to hear it,

like a crush and vice,

still I wanna roll the dice,

can there be no compromise,

when I’m sleeping in your eyes,

if I’m drifting in the sea,

in this lurid atrophy,

will you carry me to shore,

resuscitate just once more,

will you be there when I wake?

tell me yes, for goodness sake.


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