It’s like someone took a catheter to my soul and drew out all the color,

replaced it with sand and charged me a dollar,

like having the hair,

every inch of my skin,

winced from off the brown into red,

only to find,

the salt and the lime,

I put on your drink,

are what you would use,

to rub and to treat,

to burn and to raze,

with steely blue gaze,

you cover wound,

but not with a gauze,

now bullets they graze,

when targets they miss,

but you could burn ice,

with only a kiss,

if only I’d seen,

the vice and the saws,

it wouldn’t amaze,

my heart like all this,

in all of my days,

with all of my flaws,

I guess I deserve,

to weep and to crawl,

but if you relent,

with everything spent,

though ever you stop,

the pain it will not,

remember this now,

considering how,

I’ll ever recover,

from such a good lover.


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