Its cool,

you do you and I’ma just be blue,

can’t take me to school,

nor see me without true,

talk about rubber and glue,

that nursery rhyme is soggy,

say that I have no clue,

respect me like your doggy,

better yet- kick me when I’m down,

bruising in my ribs,

pouring tears like a clown,

noone has these dibs,

save your words for the sinister,

all is lost when your loud,

preaching like a minister,

ears are deaf within the crowd,

crowded halls and little time,

is what I walk within my mind,

and you talk or you balk; it’s shame and such a crime,

take a minute to yourself; that’s the person you should find,

judge not,

and I take pains,

cold hot,

but never gains,



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